Wedding Faux Pas to Avoid at the Reception Hall

Wedding receptions are incredible. The dancing, drinking, partying, and watching the new couple enjoy their first moments of being married all contribute to an amazing experience. This will be a day that sticks in many people’s heads for a long time.

This also means that the bad incidents will remain in the collective memories as well. It is very easy for someone to get out of hand and quickly ruin the celebration. Make sure that person isn’t you by avoiding these wedding reception faux pas to keep the wedding reception running smoothly.

Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

I already wrote a blog about dressing for a wedding reception, but let me reiterate so that you don’t make any of these wedding faux pas.

Carefully calculate what the appropriate attire will be, based on the invitation, knowledge of the couple, and asking someone in the wedding party. Don’t wear a tuxedo if it is a casual affair and don’t wear jeans and a tank top to a black tie affair. Finding the perfect balance is best, but as a rule of thumb it’s always better to overdress than look sloppy.

Getting Too Drunk

Open bars are the best. Nothing makes a wedding reception hall more exciting than all of the guests enjoying beer, wine, and cocktails. But it is easy to go from celebrating to embarrassing with this wedding faux pas.

The main tip I can give is to drink slowly. It is ok to get inebriated if everyone else is, but you don’t want to be the drunk uncle singing karaoke while everyone watches in shame. Sip slowly, eat plenty of food, and don’t make a fool of yourself until everyone else will think it’s funny, not disgraceful.

Obnoxious Dancing

This wedding faux pas can be caused by the previous one, but everybody hates the obnoxious dancer. I’m not talking about the hilarious guy who does the shopping cart or fishing pole, or gets everyone lined up for a conga.

No, I mean the guy who tries to cut in on the groom and steal a dance with the bride. The girl who thinks her break dancing is more important than the couple’s first kiss. Or the grandparent complaining about “all of the dang-gummed garbage” young people listen to as he requests Frank Sinatra for the thirtieth time. Those people.

Overshadowing the Bride and Groom

All of these wedding faux pas have been leading up to this main point: do not overshadow the bride and groom! Whether it is your outfit, drinking, dancing, or general behavior, you must remember what the purpose of the wedding reception is.

I like a party as much as the next fellow, but when it all comes down to it, the day belongs to the bride and groom. Keep a low profile, but still have fun, and everyone can enjoy the event.


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