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De Luxe Banquet Hall’s facilities aren’t just for wedding receptions, family and social events. Our Los Angeles event venues are an impressive choice for corporate events and company parties as well! Our corporate event venue offers a level of service and ambiance that is head and shoulders above more commonplace venues like hotel conference rooms or chain restaurant dining rooms. De Luxe and the adjoining Olivia Event Venue are conveniently located in beautiful downtown Burbank, close to several business friendly hotels and a quick drive from the Burbank airport. Our space and location are ideal for those multi-day corporate events and company functions that demand a private space for many local or out-of-town employees.

The De Luxe Ballroom and Olivia Event Venue can host gatherings of up to 420 guests and 150 guests, respectively, and are great options for conferences, award ceremonies, and other large to moderate corporate gatherings. Our smaller facility, the De Luxe Lounge, can also be used for company mixers, networking events, and holiday parties. This space is suitable for parties of up to 50 guests with a semi-casual tone. Reserving a private corporate event space like De Luxe can provide a tone of professionalism and level of privacy that improves focus and productivity for those attending compared to a venue like a hotel that hosts multiple events and visitors at the same time. Here are just a few of the corporate events that have worked well within our spaces:

Corporate Events at De Luxe Venues - Awards Ceremonies

Awards Ceremonies

With all the presentation equipment you’ll need for your company events and a banquet hall atmosphere to provide a more formal setting for your employees, De Luxe Banquet Hall makes company awards banquets memorable and seamless.

Corporate Events at De Luxe Venues - Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

Choosing De Luxe as your event’s venue works well for businesses as well as families and social events. Keep a controlled environment for your employees to celebrate responsibly, near local hotels and nightlife options for easy, safe access after the festivities.

Corporate Events at De Luxe Venues - Conferences


Bringing in employees from other parts of the country is easy when you host at De Luxe Banquet Hall. We’ve got the corporate event space and technical accommodations to make your business conference a success, and our location is convenient to Burbank’s busy airport and multiple business traveler hotels.

Corporate Events at De Luxe Venues - Corporate Functions

Corporate Functions

Contact us at De Luxe Banquet Hall with any inquiries to how we can facilitate your corporate functions. Or, you can browse through the virtual tour pages and photo galleries of our adjacent banquet halls in Los Angeles in order to get an initial idea how De Luxe can work as your corporate events venue.

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