8 Tips from Newlyweds for Planning Your Wedding

newlywed 1For just about every experience, there is always something you wish you could change or do differently. Hindsight is 20/20 for a reason and it always seems to be crystal clear once it’s all over. Planning your wedding is no different and all of the time in the world can’t always prepare you for what you might miss the mark on. Follow the advice from couples who have already gone through the whole process and have a few tips for what to keep in mind when you’re in the midst of planning your dream wedding.

All of the Time Spent Planning is Worth It

When it comes to your dream wedding that you want to cherish for a lifetime and speak to your special relationship, no amount of planning is too much. Don’t feel ashamed to invest much of your time and energy on wedding planning when you’re engaged because you aren’t just investing in an event, you are investing in one of the most important and meaningful moments of your life that should truly resemble you and your partner. If you blow off wedding planning to-dos because you just think it’s silly or a waste of time, you may look back and wish you would have taken it more seriously. Take the time to make it personal and remember that the time spent planning is well worth it.

Get Started Early

When it comes to achieving every detail that you want, it is never too early to start planning and booking. Many couples have engagements that are a year-long or so and will jump on the chance to nail down their favorite wedding vendors. What does this mean if you wait after getting engaged? When it comes time to contact the people you want to help make your wedding day amazing, they may not be available and you’ll have to go with your second option. Getting started booking and planning out the details early will also help you to schedule out to-dos throughout your engagement and not feel rushed right before your big day.

Don’t Overthink All of Your Decisions

Once you know what you want to have and you’ve booked the vendors, stop yourself from wondering “what if I went with so-and-so” or “decided to do this instead?” Having a year-long engagement is extremely helpful for planning and ensuring you get the vendors you want, but it can also pose the risk of overthinking every detail and second guessing yourself once things are booked. Don’t hesitate when it comes to something you love for your wedding day. Chances are, if you end up changing it due to some picture you saw on Pinterest or from opinions from others, you may end up regretting neglecting your first instincts.

Don’t Feel Rushed to Get Hitched

As we were saying, it is perfectly fine and very helpful to your sanity if you don’t rush yourself down the aisle and take your time planning the details. With that being said, many couples have chosen to have two-year engagements for the sake of ensuring they have plenty of time to plan exactly what they want for their special day. Whether you’re working a lot, going to school, or are saving up money, don’t feel pressured into having a certain length of engagement.

Make Planning a Special Occasion for the Two of You

Wedding planning doesn’t have to be stressful, and you can actually make it a fun activity to do with your sweetheart. Make it a relaxing date night in with your fiancé by opening a bottle of wine and deciding on some final details like the music for the ceremony and special dances. You will look back on this special date and will be glad you took the time to make the planning a special moment between you and your partner.

Find an Activity to Do Together Throughout the Planning

Wedding planning can get busy, overwhelming, and can pull you in many directions when dealing with planners, vendors, and family and friends. That’s why it’s a good idea to figure out an activity you and your fiancé enjoy and schedule times to do them each week. Make these activities non-negotiable and only for the two of you. It can be going for a run or hike together, or playing a game of pool or bowling. Whatever you both enjoy, make it a priority and use it as a time to discuss any wedding details or concerns without the influence of others around.

Embrace This Special Time

Believe it or not but planning a wedding can be a special process to go through with your partner. You will learn what its like to truly plan together, make important decisions, and compromise. As a couple, it may be the first time you are really experiencing these things and it should be embraced.

Be Open-Minded

Although you may have very specific ideas in your head about what you want for your wedding, you have to remember that it isn’t just you getting married. There’s your fiancé to think about! From the beginning of the planning process, prepare yourself to accept that he or she may have their own ideas as well and that you will need to compromise at least once most likely. It’s also a good idea to prepare to make some changes to your plans but to think of it not as a bad thing but as your opportunity to make the wedding a reflection of the both of you together and your unique relationship.

Once you’ve begun planning your wedding, keep these nuggets of wisdom in mind from newlyweds who have already gone through the process and have learned a thing or two. You will end up with a beautiful wedding that speaks to the love that you share, without regrets.

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