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Discover The Best Filming Location In Los Angeles

A Private And Easily-Accessible Venue That’s Perfect For Your Television, Music Video, Or Commercial Shoot

The De Luxe Ballroom is a prime filming location for a wide variety of movies, television shows, music videos, and commercials. If you’re looking for a cinematic, high-end setting with plenty of convenient amenities, we’re more than happy to accommodate you. Our 4,300 square foot De Luxe Ballroom holds up to 400 individuals, perfect for scenes that portray wedding receptions, awards dinners, concerts, fashion or trade shows, or large parties of any kind.

Our ballroom will meet the need of any scene that requires a large elegant backdrop set off with color. Our team understands the importance of selecting just the right filming location for any shoot, and our team works with you to provide the smoothest filming experience possible.

Enjoy A Convenient And Unique Filming Location Experience

Benefits Of Filming in Los Angeles At De Luxe Include

Filming Venue Specs Ballroom Size: 4,300 Square Feet
Foyer Size: 660 Square Feet

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