Wedding Guest Questions - De Luxe Banquet Hall Tables

How To Answer Those Questions That Your Wedding Guests Will Definitely Ask

If you’ve just gotten engaged, be forewarned: the questions are about to begin, and they won’t stop until well after your honeymoon. There’s just something about weddings that make everyone extra curious and full of things to ask. It’s not a bad thing, but you should definitely have your answers ready. Here are a few […]

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Wedding Planning Pain Points - Woman Holding Fiance's Arm

The Most Common Wedding Planning Pain Points And What To Do About Them

For the most part, couples enjoy the wedding planning process. After all, it’s your chance to give your guests (and yourselves) an experience that reflects your relationship, so you’ll definitely want to have the type of wedding that you feel matches your personalities and tastes. However, there are a few areas of wedding planning that […]

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Wedding Makeup - Young Bride Sitting At Vanity

Watch Out For These Wedding Makeup And Bridal Hair Mistakes

Even the most laid-back bride will want to look her absolute best on her wedding day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll wear a lot of wedding makeup, but it does mean she’ll probably wear at least some. And even if she leaves her hair down, she’ll want it to look good. No matter if […]

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2019 Bridal Hair Trends -

Trending Wedding Hairstyles Straight From The Runway

Trending Wedding Hairstyles For 2019  Updated April 1, 2019 Just as exciting as the dresses and makeup seen during Bridal Fashion Week is the hairstyles. What the top designers in the fashion industry are choosing to do for bridal hair always sets the stage for every bride in the world for the year. Here are […]

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Professional Wedding Planner Smiling - Header

8 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring Your Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding is a very large undertaking, and while you can definitely plan your own wedding, many couples decide to get help from a professional wedding planner. A good wedding planner is a true gift from the heavens. He or she will help to reduce a lot of the stress that comes with organizing […]

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bride and groom dancing to wedding entrance song

10 Wedding Entrance Songs For Your Grand Entrance

You have meticulously planned every little detail of your wedding over the past year—everything from choosing your wedding venue to your tableware, flowers, and dress to finding the right DJ. But what about your grand entrance? You need to make a big splash as you enter the ballroom, and that means finding just the right […]

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spring wedding color palette ideas

7 Spring Wedding Color Palette Ideas To Brighten Up Your Special Day

With winter being over, many couples will start looking towards their spring weddings. It’s a popular time of the year to get hitched, as the weather is warming up, the trees are full again, and flowers are in full bloom. And with a new season always comes fresh new colors! If you’re planning your wedding […]

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marriage license

Getting Your Marriage License In California: A How-To Guide

If you’re reading this, more than likely you recently got engaged. If so, congratulations! Now comes all the fun and occasionally stressful wedding planning. Once you’ve chosen your perfect wedding venue, your band or DJ, your catering, your dress, your flowers, and everything else, eventually you’ll start thinking about your marriage license. If you’ve never looked into […]

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wedding signature drinks

7 Creative Wedding Signature Drinks To Personalize Your Wedding

It’s the small, personalized details of wedding planning that matter most when you’re trying to make your dream wedding come true. One way to truly add your special touch to your big day is to incorporate wedding signature drinks. Adding your own unique cocktails can help make your wedding even more Instagram-worthy, but will also […]

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best man speech

A Complete Guide To Writing & Delivering Your Best Man Speech

Is it your first time being asked to be the best man? Are you nervous about the speech you’ll have to give? It’s all right—you’re not alone. Being afraid of public speaking is one of the most common fears in the world. After all, you’ll be delivering a meaningful speech in front of a lot […]

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wedding reception appetizers

9 Irresistible Wedding Reception Appetizers

Being in Southern California affords us the opportunity to work with a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. Over the years we’ve had many different cultures ask our catering service at De Luxe to create special appetizers for their reception, and it’s been a creative treat to prepare authentic dishes for them when they request this. […]

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wedding photographer filming bride and groom

12 Pre-Booking Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Because every mobile phone now has a camera, it couldn’t be easier to snap a photo and upload it to your favorite social media platform. It’s become so easy, in fact, that many couples now decide to forgo a professional wedding photographer and just depend on their wedding guests to provide photos of the big […]

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online wedding shopping

4 Phenomenal Benefits Of Online Wedding Shopping

The advent of online shopping has made it much easier for us to make purchases while snuggled in bed with a nice glass of wine. Because shopping from home is so convenient and offers so many options, it’s becoming less and less necessary to go out to a brick-and-mortar store to make some of purchases. […]

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Good Wedding Websites - Engagement Photos

10 Great Things A Wedding Website Can Do For You

Wedding websites have been around for a while, but the more technology advances, the more detailed and helpful they become—for both the couple and their guests. These sites may have been basic in the beginning, but now they’re not only exquisite-looking, they also provide a lot of helpful tools. Here are ten great things that […]

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