Why You Should Have A Thanksgiving Wedding

bigstock-Autumncandlelit54000610The leaves have changed to vibrant colors and beginning to fall and your coffee choice becomes pumpkin spice: Thanksgiving is coming upon us! The day of the year that everyone thinks about and is thankful for their blessings.  It’s the holiday that reminds us all of family, warmth, togetherness, and thanks: a great time of year to have your wedding, Thanksgiving weddings do have great advantages. The timing couldn’t be more perfect when it comes to guest list planning. Since people are already off and have planned to take time off their work schedules to spend time with family and friends, it will take the worry off of who’s coming to your wedding or not. Besides your guests having planned taking time off; most people are open for traveling for Thanksgiving, so if you have any out of town guests coming, they’ll be ready for your special day. You don’t need to worry about taking more time off yourself either; most employers expect people to take a lot of time off during the Thanksgiving holiday, so that’s one less thing that you need to worry about.

When it comes to picking out your theme; you don’t need to do much because Thanksgiving has a theme of its own! With all the endless Thanksgiving decorations out in the market during this time; beautiful colors and warmth will be the setting for your Thanksgiving wedding. Your settings and favors can go with the flowers of the season coupled with a Cornucopia or a pumpkin filled with flowers or maybe a pumpkin spice candle for your centerpiece? The next thing that you don’t need to put much of an effort to choosing is your wedding menu. During Thanksgiving most catering vendors of banquet halls will have a seasonal menu that fits perfectly for Thanksgiving weddings. If you’re having your wedding on Thanksgiving Day, you should definitely have turkey on the menu, if your date falls on the weekend I would skip the turkey because people will have already had turkey and got tired of it. Most caterers have creative menu items for Thanksgiving time and it doesn’t take much effort on your part to pick what you want. As you can see Thanksgiving is a great time to have a wedding, with little effort and less stress from you and your honey, and all of your family and friends ready to give thanks!