Los Angeles Wedding Venues: Five Sizzling Ideas for Summer Weddings

Despite the fact that Southern California is pretty summery all year round, summer weddings are a hit, whether it’s because couples enjoy choosing an outdoor Los Angeles wedding venue for their ceremony, or the summer months just happen to be a bit more conducive to a lovely celebration.

Whatever the case, summer weddings remain extremely popular.  Whether you’re outdoors at a lovely ceremony location or indoors to make it easier to get right to the party afterwards, here are five hot ideas to accentuate your summer wedding.

Wedding Colors

Wedding colors that slightly defy the traditional wedding décor themes are popular in the summer months.  Think pastels or vibrant colors such as coral, turquoise, purples, fuchsias, lemon, etc.  Bright and vibrant colors are fantastic for a warm, fun, standout wedding against a backdrop of Southern California greenery and warm blue skies.  These eye-catching shades bring a light-hearted element to your wedding and can make your wedding photos all the more picturesque.

Wedding Themes

In the same right, cute summery wedding themes are popular to make a more memorable and fun wedding reception or celebration.  While many brides steer clear from outlandish themes, some embrace them.  Vintage themes, royal themes, beach themes—even Arabian nights! Ethnic weddings are quite popular in the summer months as well and typically incorporate much more tradition and a lengthier celebration than most contemporary weddings.

Desert Catering

The wedding cake is almost always the traditional star of the desert show, but summer weddings tend to have a quite larger supporting cast in a desert table or heavy-desert catering package.  Deserts are not only conducive to being summery and sweet, they are also used largely as a part of the wedding day décor.

Wedding Flowers

In the same right, it’s a great idea to go really heavy on the floral arrangements to compliment the Southern California scenery.  People equate bright flowers with the spring and summer and nothing contributes a more charming beauty to your overall wedding décor and wedding photos than bright, pretty flowers.

A Full Bar

Admittedly, this has become the general rule for all weddings, but it’s worth reiterating here: Under no circumstances is it ok to have a limited or cash bar for your guests—if, that is, you want them to remember your special day fondly.