De Luxe Lounge: Fun and Sophistication

The fabulous De Luxe Banquet Hall in Los Angeles is typically utilized as a reception hall for post wedding celebrations, but why minimize its potential. Along with being a fantastic location for family reunions and corporate events, it is also a rockin’ party venue!


“But wait,” you say. “I don’t want my party held in a formal, stuff banquet hall.”

Guess you didn’t know about the De Luxe Lounge, did ya?

De Luxe Lounge

Decorated in a sleek, modern style, this retro lounge has a full bar, neon lights, and swivel chairs that create an exciting, yet sophisticated, ambiance. The De Luxe Lounge accommodates up to 50 guests, so if you’re looking for a classy establishment to host a get-together, choose De Luxe.

What’s more, the De Luxe Lounge doubles as a reception area, private area, or VIP lounge for larger events. You can gather guests for cocktails after your wedding ceremony, before inviting them into the larger banquet hall for dinner. Or you could hold a dance, using the De Luxe Lounge as an area set aside for high rollers and VIPs. The possibilities are endless!

Los Angeles Party Venues

Are you hosting a huge party in the near future? Maybe a New Years’ Eve bash?

While you could rent out a club or hotel, instead consider a upper class banquet hall like De Luxe.

What do other Los Angeles party venues have that De Luxe doesn’t? De Luxe has catering, a dance floor, high class décor, seating, and the De Luxe Lounge. Just about the only thing we don’t have is a DJ, and those are easy to find in LA!

Pick De Luxe, the Los Angeles party venue with style and panache, for an unforgettable celebration that will rage on into the evening!

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