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5 Tips For Wedding Planning On A Budget

Wedding planning is no easy task. From choosing the right venue to planning the menu for your reception, there are tons of decisions big and small that you’ll need to make. And those decisions can be even harder to make if you’re planning on a budget.

People think that in order to have a great wedding, you need to have an expensive wedding. While having tons of money never hurts, it’s possible to plan a successful wedding on a small budget. The team at De Luxe Banquet Hall is filled with wedding experts, and that’s why we’ve come together to provide some tips on how to plan your wedding on a budget.

1) Don’t Bother With The Wedding Program

A program outlining the details of your ceremony and reception is fairly standard at most weddings. And while a program can be a helpful guide to the festivities, it’s really an unnecessary expenditure. Your guests are likely all close family and friends, and that means they’re probably already familiar with your spouse and those involved in your wedding ceremony. Printing out programs that outline everyone involved wastes part of your budget on something that most guests will probably toss in the trash after the ceremony.

2) Get A Friend To Be The Photographer

You’ll definitely want to capture memories at your wedding with some high quality photos. But a professional wedding photographer can be pretty costly. Luckily, you can turn to your friends to handle photos duties for the night. To work within your budget, consider designating a friend or two as the official photographers for the night, snapping photos on their phones and then sharing them on social media throughout and after the wedding. You should still be able to get some high quality photos without the massive costs that come from a professional photographer.

3) Make A Playlist For The Reception

Music is a must at any wedding reception, but hiring a professional DJ or a live band is a huge expense. However, you don’t need a pro to make your reception music a hit. Just put together a great playlist yourself and play it at the gathering. Making your own playlist guarantees that you’ll have great music to dance to, which is the most important part of any wedding reception. Simply plug your computer into some speakers, press play, and hit the dance floor.

We recommend that you still rent a good speaker system for the event, but getting the sound system sans DJ/band should definitely help you cut costs.

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4) Not Everything Needs To Be Customized

If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you’ve realized that you can get just about everything customized. Wedding invitations, table centerpieces and more are able to be designed right to the very last detail based on your specifications. But customization also means increased prices.

When you’re making decisions for your wedding remember that every single detail doesn’t need to be unique. The most important thing for your guests is that they’re together for your special day. They won’t remember the monogrammed napkins at your reception or what kind of flowers you used for decorations. Remember to weigh your wants with your needs to determine where you can cut costs.

5) Find A Budget-Friendly Venue

The biggest part of your wedding budget is the venue. You’ll want to find somewhere to hold your event that will impress your guests without busting your budget. Thankfully, with a little research you should be able to easily find a venue that perfectly fits your budget. The trick to finding a budget-friendly venue is to actually go out an explore your area, tracking down different options and meeting with venue managers to see how they can work within your budget.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly event venue in Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to consider De Luxe Banquet Hall. Our luxurious, customizable accommodations offer one of the best wedding event venues in Los Angeles. And our sister venues the De Luxe Ballroom and Olivia Restaurant also offer stunning wedding accommodations. For more information on our wedding event services, contact De Luxe Banquet Hall today.


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