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Getting Inspired: How to Decide on Wedding Details

For many brides, setting the details of a wedding can be a daunting task.  With so many options for venues, the ceremony and reception, and all of the little details that make a wedding unique to the couple, it can be hard to settle on details or even know where to begin.  Here are some ideas for finding inspiration for your wedding plans.

The Venue


This is a pretty important detail and really sets the wedding mood or theme and can inspire the rest of the wedding details. If you don’t have a venue already in mind, here are some suggestions for finding inspiration for the perfect venue.

  • Where did you meet? Did you meet on the beach, a park or at a fun festival? Selecting your venue around where you met your love is a great way to share your story with your guests
  • Where was your first date? If your first date was a particular restaurant that you both love, you may want to consider having your reception, ceremony or your rehearsal dinner at that place where you took that first step to forever.
  • Do you share a favorite vacation destination? If you want a destination wedding, this might be a great way to decide on a location. If you haven’t traveled together yet but want a destination wedding, find inspiration in a spot that you both want to visit.

The Ceremony

While the reception is the big celebration, you have to get through the ceremony first. Here are some things to think about that will inspire those special ceremony details.

  • Are you drawn to particular colors? Choosing wedding colors can be a challenging task. Keep it simple and go with the colors you love the most.
  • Do you obsess over a particular flower? Use this as your base for all of your floral arrangements. A good florist will be able to make beautiful arrangements based on your favorite bloom.
  • Do you have a favorite romantic song or poem? Find inspiration for vows, ceremony music and special readings from works that you already enjoy, and that are meaningful to your relationship.

The Reception

There are a lot of details that go into planning your reception.  Food, drinks, wedding favors, play lists, and seating charts. It can seem overwhelming. Here are some ways to narrow down your reception details.

  • Do you have a favorite restaurant or food? Menu planning can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of food options or have guests with dietary restrictions. Keep it simple by serving foods that you love or have a favorite restaurant cater your reception.
  • Do you have a favorite bar? If you are thinking about serving a custom cocktail or want to limit your bar, use your favorite bar or night spot for cocktail inspiration.
  • What songs remind you of love and family? If you need help thinking about songs to play at your reception, go for songs that remind you of love, happy times, or your mom or dad for those special dances.

Planning a wedding doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with the right inspiration.  At DeLuxe Banquet Hall, our wedding professionals can help you through every detail of your wedding and reception.

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