Perfect Party Planning With De Luxe

Birthday PartyDo you have a big event for yourself or someone close to you to celebrate? Parties are, by definition, fun occasions, but if you don’t have a lot of experience planning them, it can be confusing and a lot of work. This is especially true if everything is put off to the last minute.

De Luxe Banquet Hall is a premier event space that has hosted hundreds of celebrations of various sizes, so we know a thing or two about pulling a successful party together. Here are some basic tips for planning a great party without adding any more stress to your everyday life!

At the four-to-six week mark before the date of the party, you’ll want to make the following decisions and complete related tasks:

  • Choose a fun theme! Birthday parties, wedding showers, and baby showers are even more fun with a creative, thoughtful theme.
  • Make a guest list of all the great people you or the other guest of honor would like to see.
  • Choose a venue. Do you want to host the party indoors or outdoors? Is this an event suitable to host at home, or do you need to reserve space at a restaurant or event hall?
  • Decide on the day’s activities; what time to eat, what games to play, what crafts to do, etc.
  • Purchase supplies like games, craft components, invitations, favors, decorations, wrapping paper, disposable dishes, and piñatas.
  • Book entertainment if you decide to hire any. DJs, bands, birthday party clowns, dancers, etc should all be booked with a deposit and written confirmation.


Three weeks before the party, send out invitations asking for RSVP’s by a certain date and time. If you invited people via social media or an online invitation platform, you might want to check with them directly as well.

Two weeks before your event, make sure you complete all of these:

  • Follow-up on guests who haven’t RSVPed yet.
  • Pick out prizes for games and wrap them.
  • If catering your party, order the cake and other foods.
  • Confirm your entertainment.
  • If this party is a grown-up event, hire a babysitter with plenty of notice.

With one week to go, you should:

  • Contact your confirmed guests to remind them of the big day, and make sure they know the way to the venue.
  • If your event is being catered, purchase the most shelf-stable refreshments and ingredients you’ve planned. Anything more perishable (such as avocados for guacamole) should be purchased no more than two days in advance.
  • Make up the swag bags based on confirmations.
  • Prepare the crafts and games.

The day before:

  • Prepare any foods that will store and reheat well if you’re home-cooking for the party.
  • Set up decorations and seating. If you rented a hall, you can usually ask to get in the night before to set up, but if they have a morning event you may have to do some ninja decorating shortly before your party.

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The day of your party:

  • If you’re home-cooking the refreshments, finish making any of the foods that you preferred not to prepare and store overnight.
  • If you hired caterers and/or cake designers to provide the food at your event, call them early the morning of the party to confirm the menu, time, and location.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

With just a little organization and scheduling, your party can be a hit! For events like parties, that tend to have smaller guest lists, we love to offer our De Luxe Lounge, a comfortable space with fun retro decor and many seating options that easily accommodates up to 50 guests. To view the space or request a quote, contact us today!