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Hiring a Photographer to Shoot Your Wedding Reception

Hiring a Photographer to Shoot Your Wedding ReceptionYour wedding and the following wedding reception comprise the most important day of your life. You will need a professional photographer to document the event, so your photo albums reflect the magnificence of the actual day. Otherwise, your memories may be tarnished by blurry developing, red pupils, and poor lighting.

No, really. With digital cameras being so accessible, anyone can snap a couple pics and charge outrageous prices to use Final Cut Pro. Even the good photographers, the ones who took some classes in college about framing, shutter speeds, and back lighting, may try to get artsy and start taking pictures from weird angles or experiment with blending colors. When hiring a photographer for your wedding reception, you want a professional who will recognize the significance of the situation and act accordingly.

Here is a guideline that should help make hiring a photographer easier.

1) Meet with potential candidates in person. It is important to meet the photographers well before your wedding, so you can be witness to her personality. Ask to meet the potential candidate at potential Los Angeles wedding venues, allowing them to check out the facility.

2) Select someone who specializes in weddings. Photographers who shoot birthday parties or baby showers take a much different approach than wedding specialists. Find a wedding reception expert who knows when to be near the dance floor, cake, or head table.

3) Ask for prior wedding photos. In past jobs, look for relaxed posture, happy expressions, and good lighting.

4) Relay your specific requests. Do you need backdrops? Candid pictures or posed? Black-and-white photos? Ensure the photographer can accommodate your needs.

5) Ask how they do developing. Some photographers only use digital proofs, while some use traditional film developing. See if you can keep negatives, if you can get physical copies and data versions, and if there are discounts for bulk buying.

6) Finalize the contract. Make sure to figure out specific details, especially price, and that the services include printing and handling photographs along with snapping them. Also, determine the deposit and refund policy.

7) Stay in touch before the wedding reception. The photographer should know the timeline of events, which family members to focus on, and any changes during the planning period.

I hope these tips help make hiring a photographer for your wedding reception a breeze. Best of luck and congratulations on your coming marriage!

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