Why You Should Have A Winter Wedding

Who says you can’t have a Winter Wedding? Whoever says that you can’t and you shouldn’t, doesn’t know anything about the great advantages…

  1. white cake winterIt’s easier to book a venue.  Most venues are booked for the spring and summer for months and sometimes years in advance. If you are pressed on time and don’t want to wait, you should book in winter.  Who says you can’t have a Winter wedding? Some venues accommodate Winter weddings and can equip their outdoor spaces to cater accordingly.
  2. You could save a lot of money. Booking a wedding during winter will save you money since it’s a slow season for wedding venues. Most venues are slow during the winter season and they are willing to give discounts because of this. The other way that you could save money is that most venues have all ready decorated with winter style or Winter season themes, so you don’t need to spend additional money on getting someone to decorate.
  3. Saving time and energy.  Who’s in the spirit of the Holiday season? Most venues are in the spirit and they have set decorations for the winter and Holiday season. You don’t need to worry about wasting time and energy to decorate the whole reception hall. The venue could already have a Winter-Wonderland theme and you could add warm colors to the venue if you’d like, maybe festive reds and seasonal greens like ornamental berries and for your greens you could choose between Ivy, Thistle, Firs, and Juniper. Some venues might already have the warm colors ready for you with lighting or décor, wherever you choose you probably won’t need to start from scratch decorating for a Winter Wedding. Most likely the venue has done most of the work for you, so you can take a breather from wedding planning stress!
  4. You don’t have to worry about the heat. Some summers bring excessive heat and with heat comes a lot of annoyances to add on top of wedding day stress  that couples face. When I talk about stress, I’m talking about the bride and groom and the rest of your bridal party. As a bride, you don’t want to be sweating like a pig on your special day because besides the fact of feeling dirty, your makeup and hair might get ruined; this goes for all the ladies in your bridal party also. For the groom and the rest of the men who are wearing dress shirts, suits, and bows or ties in the heat, besides being uncomfortable, they can get unattractive sweat spots on their clothes. Bottom line, if you want a comfortable wedding day and to avoid the heat and imprecise photos of your most special day that might be traumatizing to look at later; book a Winter wedding.