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How to Choose a Wedding Flowers Designer

Wedding flowers are one of the most overlooked yet most effective parts of wedding design and decor. They set the tone, enhance the visual, and even provide a pleasant smell. But how do you choose the right flowers and floral designer for your wedding? Here are some tips.

Bridesmaids Holding BouquetsWhen they start their planning, many brides don’t know what to think when it comes to flowers. You may find yourself dog-earing pictures in magazines or searching online for color and flower inspiration, or you may know exactly what you want (or don’t want), but one things most brides do NOT know is what to expect for their floral budget. The majority of brides who go in to consult with their florist and event designer have no idea what to expect for pricing. That’s fine, but before you come in, here’s a few things to think about (the more prepared you are, the better the consult will be!)

Typically wedding experts tell brides to reserve 8% – 15% of their total wedding budget for flowers (everything from the bridal party to the reception decor). But, this all depends on where your priorities are. If you don’t need floral centrepieces or if you want flowers everywhere the eyes gaze, pricing will fluctuate. You’ll also find that pricing will change depending on the flower varieties that you choose and the size of bouquets and arrangements you want. The best thing is to just be upfront about your budget—it’s our job to be able to suggest ideas and offer alternatives that will work with your prince point AND accomplish everything on your wish list.

Toss Bouquet
Bridesmaids Bouquet
Flower Girls
Ring Bearer
Special Family Members/Readers/Musicians/Godparents

Flower Pots

Petals for aisle
Aisle decor
Altar decor

Arrangements at bar, bathrooms, and guest book table
Cake table

Trust your florist! It’s what they do. Rather than fixating on specific flower varieties, focus on colour and style. That allows your event designer and florist to choose the freshest, best suited flowers to your event, rather than limiting them to something that might not be in season or doesn’t look amazing. That being said, if there is a certain type of flower you MUST have, let them know!

When to Book
It might seem far in advance, but booking a florist about 6 months before the wedding is the best time to do it. Why? It makes sure that they’re available for your day and will have more than enough time to prepare the order. Plus, it will give them time to go over everything and ensure that if any revisions need to be made to your order, they can do it without any problems.

Chairs With Flowers

What to Do at a Consult
Your flower consult is all about you—what you want, what you hope for—and determining if the florist you’re meeting with is right to complete your vision. You want a florist who is going to be excited about your vision, and not only realize it but add to it. Spend some time thinking about what your floral ideas are before coming in, and bring in any pictures, fabric samples, or inspiration that you have. That will help everyone make sure you are completely on the same page.

De Luxe Banquet Hall’s custom lighting and decor options ensure that your flowers and centerpieces will be displayed in the right color scheme and aesthetic. Contact us today to make a reservation for your special day!

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