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De Luxe’s Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Suit or Tux

For men, figuring out just what kind of suit to wear on their wedding day is one of the most important decisions to make, and with so many different options, it can be a difficult one. To help both grooms and brides determine what will look best at the alter and on the dance floor, De Luxe Banquet Hall offers this comprehensive infographic for picking out your wedding-day attire.

How To Choose A Suit

Collars and Cuffs

Most traditional Western-style shirts use either a classic, semi-spread, spread, or button down collar, though variations of these can help the groom look more fashionable or like a risk-taker. In general, cuffs will be noticed by few, so it matters little what style you choose, as long as the buttons are all buttoned and the cuff links, if included, are properly worn.

Different Suit Cuts

Body type and fashion sense play a large role in selecting the type of cut that “suits” the groom best. An English cut is ideal for shorter grooms who desire lots of mobility, though an English cut suit will almost certainly need to be tailored to fit the wearer. Italian cut suits are the pinnacle of fashion, but this option’s no-vent design decreases mobility and comfort. The American cut is a flexible suit made for larger waistlines, though has the propensity to look boxy and ill-worn if the groom is not properly measured. Lastly, the tuxedo represents the combination of traditional style and suave, upper-class sophistication, though the bow tie, waistcoat, and shiny shoes may not appeal to all grooms.

Black Tie vs White Tie

Although this distinction is typically reserved for formal events like galas and balls, its nonetheless important to know that the differences between the two dress classes extends beyond color. For example, white tie jackets end above the sleeves in the front and at the back of the knees in the back, while black tie jackets resemble traditional suit coats.


There is really only one rule when wearing a tie: if you choose to wear a traditional tie at your wedding, the tip of the tie should fall right at the belt buckle. There lots of ways to tie a tie, so grooms should research the type of knot that will look best with their particular suit choices.



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