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How To Periscope Your Next Event at De Luxe Banquet Hall!

Periscope Your Next Event

De Luxe’s Ballroom can accommodate a lot of people (up to 400!), but what if you want your organization’s presentation or speech to be heard and seen by thousands?! Or suppose your friends back home can’t attend your wedding but still want to experience it with you, in real time, instead of waiting months for the wedding video to come out? Now, thanks to new streaming technology and an app called Periscope, all of this (and much more) is possible!

To help our clients understand exactly what this revolutionary new platform is and how to use it, we’ve included a helpful Periscope Q&A in our banquet hall blog. For more information, go to

Q: What Is Periscope & How Does It Work?

A: In a nutshell, Periscope is simply an app, just like Instagram or Twitter, that allows anyone to record an event, presentation, or concert on their mobile device and simultaneously broadcast it over the internet. The “periscoper” may allow only a specific person or group of people to see what they’re recording, or they can choose to allow the general public to view it live, as it’s happening. Once each broadcast is over, the user may even choose to make the video available for replay.

Q: What Can I Broadcast?

A: Anything! One of the great things about Periscope is the ability to record live events with almost no setup or preparation; just open the app on your mobile device, and you’re ready to go! Use the app to expand your presentation’s audience, document an exclusive interview, share a “behind the scenes” look at an event, or allow friends and family members to see exactly what you see and hear exactly what you hear. The possibilities are limitless.

Q: Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

A: Aside from a mobile device and an internet connection, the short answer is “no.” However, because Periscope sees exactly what your smartphone or tablet camera sees and hears, broadcasts run the risk of being shaky and difficult to hear. If you want your stream to look and sound professional, investing in a tripod and a smartphone microphone makes a world of difference.

Q: What Are Periscope’s Advantages?

A: In a word: exposure. Not only does Periscope allow your broadcast to reach every other person with the Periscope app (over 10 million users at the time of publication), Periscope’s comment section means that you will be exposed to your audience’s opinions, suggestions, and priorities as well – for businesses and organizations, this dialogue is extremely valuable.

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