7 Questions to Ask the Staff of a Banquet Hall

When picking your wedding venue, it is important to ask the right questions to the staff so that you know you are getting EXACTLY what you want. To avoid unexpected surprises on your wedding day, get all of the details up front.

What services are included with the rental fee?

Most Los Angeles banquet halls will provide tables, linen, silverware, and chairs for your event, but it is not guaranteed. Make sure to ask about these essentials, along with inquiring about sound systems, video projectors, on-site decorators, and anything else you may require. Even if it is not provided in the normal package, you may be able to negotiate it for an additional fee.

Are there other events booked on the same day?

If you want your wedding reception venue to be available throughout the entire day, you may need to book it for the whole day. If there is another event before or after, you will be forced to cleanup/setup faster in order to accommodate the other party.

Can we use our own catering company?

Some venues require the use of their own caterer, but others will allow outside food. Make sure to ask while touring the facility, especially if you have a specific caterer picked out.

What is the restroom situation?

In order to accommodate all of your guests, a venue must have a certain number of restrooms. Make sure that the facility is not all dance floor with only one bathroom.

What is your policy on alcohol?

If you plan to serve alcohol, make sure it is allowed at the banquet hall and their liquor license if up to date. Ask if they require a bartender, if hard alcohol is allowed, and if you are allowed to bring in outside alcohol.

Are there any restrictions we must know about?

Sometimes, a wedding venue will spring restrictions on you at the last moment, after you have already signed the contract and paid the deposit. Make sure you find out any of these, like whether you have to shut off the music at a certain hour.

What is the deal with parking?

Make sure the venue has either on-site or nearby parking, or offers a valet service, so that older guests are not forced to walk blocks to the reception.