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Dressing for a Wedding Reception

Dressing for a Wedding ReceptionKnowing how to dress for a wedding reception can be a lot more difficult than it seems. It is also essential to having a successful evening. You don’t want to be overdressed or under-dressed, either way, you will stand out like a wilted rose in a wedding bouquet. Unless you are in the wedding party, you may not know the exact requirements to make you dress appropriately.

Dressing up is fun! How often do you get to put on a tux or wear those diamond earrings? Plus, if you are single, looking sharp could attract a partner on the dance floor to groove out to the wedding music. Conversely, overdressing will make you seem stuffy and unapproachable. What are you to do?!

Well, here are some tips on dressing for a wedding reception, from an expert who makes weddings my business. Hopefully these will help you pick the right outfit and have an incredible night.

1) Study the invitation. This sounds obvious, but it may hold the key to cracking this puzzle. Sometimes, the invitation will say straight up if it is black tie or formal, letting you know to dress in a tuxedo for men and ball gowns for women.

2) Don’t dress too casually. This is a rule of thumb; it is better to be overdressed than underdressed. If you look too fancy, you will still receive compliments for your fashion sense. If you end up in swim trunks and sandals, people will avoid any association with you. At the very least, choose business dress casual with slacks and polos if you think it is a casual affair.

3) Check out the wedding venue for hints. If it is not very nice or it is outdoors, then you are probably fine dressing casually. If the wedding venue is elegant and provides catering and a dance floor, you should probably dress to impress.

4) Avoid being too flashy. Remember, this day belongs to the bride and groom. Don’t push them out of the spotlight by wearing bright colors or obnoxious patterns.

5) Ask what to wear. The easiest way to figure out how to dress for a wedding is to simply ask someone. If you have a friend or relative who is going, start there. Ask what the person is wearing and dress accordingly. If you desperately need to know, call the bride or groom for advice, but realize how busy they are and try not to be an inconvenience as they plan their wedding.

Hopefully these tips help you next time you must dress for a wedding reception. If you wear the right clothes, you could find yourself slow dancing with a groomsman or bridesmaid!


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