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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress (Infographic)

De Luxe Banquet Hall Blog -Wedding Dress InfographicWomen’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and knowing which wedding dress design is right for each body type can make all the difference in a bride’s confidence and wedding-day photos. To guarantee you look your best on your big day, consult De Luxe Banquet Hall’s Wedding Dress Infographic before purchasing your bridal gown!

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A classic wedding dress, this design is ideal for women with an Inverted Triangle shape (broad shoulders, large bust, small waist and hips). Brides with Triangle-, Hourglass-, and Rectangle-shaped bodies can also look great in the Ball Gown dress.

The A-Line (Princess) Wedding Dress

Perfect for Triangle (smaller upper body, broad hips) or Pear-shaped body types, the Princess Wedding dress is an extremely versatile design. Women with Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, and Round figures will look fantastic in this dress as well.

The Empire Wedding Dress

Great for women with full busts, full hips, and not a lot of definition around the waist area, this flowing dress design can be worn with all figures.

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

Fashionable and edgy, the Mermaid Wedding Dress looks especially great on Hourglass shapes (full bust, full hips, waist definition) but can also be worn by Triangle-shaped brides!

The Sheath (Column) Wedding Dress

Ideal for women with small busts, narrow hips, and little waist definition (Rectangle Body Type), the Sheath design can also serve to accentuate the curves of brides with Hourglass figures.

For more great bridal advice, visit the De Luxe Banquet Hall Blog or contact our Los Angeles event venue today!

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