Hosting the Perfect Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can put a lot of pressure on the hosts– this is a party for someone you love who’s about to experience a transformative life event, and the thought of failing or disappointing her doesn’t feel good at all. Fortunately for you, I recently found myself at the center of a miniature baby boom as multiple women in my social circle began starting families, and going by the baby showers I’ve attended and helped to plan, the keys to a successful baby shower where the mom-to-be feels special and everyone has a good time aren’t so mysterious.

Baby Gifts

A Personalized Theme

A baby shower doesn’t necessarily need an extra gimmick to make it a success– one could argue that a baby shower already is essentially a theme party– but if the expectant mother has a favorite movie, place, time period, or other interest that gets a lot of her attention, she’ll probably love to have elements of it present for her celebration. Baby shower themes can also be related to children and parenting, with decorations and activities drawing from favorite children’s characters, book authors, and toymakers.

de luxe lounge onesie decorating station 2Fun Activities

Shower games are a traditional activity to break the ice and keep everyone entertained, particularly the mom-to-be who might be experiencing some anxiety about becoming a mother or feeling burned out on all the serious planning. Good activities that make her smile and get everyone chatting are a must! There are always the standard baby-themed word searches and memory games to print online, but here are some of my favorites from showers I’ve attended:

  • A “Guess Who” contest featuring guest’s baby pictures is a clever themed game that lets everyone practice their best “awwwww”. When sending out the shower invitations, ask each guest to bring a picture of herself as a baby. Arrange them at random on a corkboard and challenge everyone to identify each baby, with a small prize like candy or a gift card for the winner. Don’t forget to get a photo from the guest of honor!
  • A onesie-decorating station is a fun creative activity that encourages guests who don’t know each other to socialize and leaves the expecting mother a stack of brand-new, one-of-a-kind baby garments for her to take home as both a keepsake of the day and a practical resource. Just set up a table with plain white or pastel cotton onesies in assorted sizes and materials for decorating them like fabric paint, laundry markers, and applique shapes and let guests go to work! This is especially great for keeping folks occupied if Mama needs a little break from the excitement to just relax with a snack and mocktail for a few minutes.
  • A diaper raffle is more of a one-off activity, but is immensely helpful to the new parents. When inviting guests, let them know that a really special prize is going to be raffled off after the guest of honor opens her gifts, and the cost of a raffle ticket is one package of diapers. This is a brilliant game because on average, a new baby goes through about 70 diapers per week which can be an incredible financial burden on a young family just starting out, and I have seen diapers stacked halfway to the ceiling when there’s a good raffle prize up for grabs.

Five non-alcoholic cocktails. Image shot 2000. Exact date unknown.Tasty Mocktails

A lot of baby-themed games like word searches

Every good baby shower should have a selection of delicious, fun snacks on hand, but have you thought about how the mother-to-be and guest will wash them down? As pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink alcohol, your friend has probably really missed enjoying fruity mixed drinks with the girls for the past few months. Enter the mocktail. A portmanteau of “mock”, meaning “false” or “substitute”, and “cocktail”, mocktails are thoughtfully crafted mixed drinks that mimic the flavor and festive appearance of alcoholic beverages. A special mocktail menu with fruit garnishes, fun details like umbrellas and novelty glasses, and elegant touches like edible flowers will make the expectant mother feel celebratory and flattered instead of left out.

 A Comfortable Venue

Around the halfway point of a woman’s pregnancy, she can start to experience effects of the changes in her body that make her more susceptible to fatigue and discomfort, so providing a very comfortable, clean space for her baby shower is crucial to her enjoyment and ability to participate in the celebration. The De Luxe Lounge, a cozy event space designed to accommodate about fifty guests is a popular baby shower venue because its ideal size, comfortable booth and table seating, and no-fuss bar and restroom access make it the perfect choice for a mother-to-be’s unique party needs.

Portrait of happy pregnant woman and female friends at a baby shA Positive Attitude

We love our friends and want to do our best for them, especially on such a memorable milestone occasion, and the responsibility and fear of disappointing them can make an inexperienced host nervous. Don’t worry! It’s just a party, and while your friend is going through a lot of changes that make her less predicatable, she will ultimately be grateful for your effort. As long as you provide the elements listed above with a lot of enthusiasm and good will, everyone will have fun and be a good sport. You’ve got this!

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