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Wedding Planning Tips: Dealing with Stress


You’d be surprised to know how many couples are pulled apart by the wedding planning process. They don’t necessarily split up or call off the wedding, but they extra stress can create some friction in the relationship.

Before you let the planning process disrupt your happiness, read over these tips on how to stay sane and committed while preparing for your big day.

1) An Audition for Married Life

The couple should consider the wedding planning process as a tryout for spending the rest of their life together. They are similar; both involve overcoming obstacles, making unified decisions, and conceding to the other person’s strong opinions.

Additionally, it could be a sign that if a couple is not able to make their wedding work, perhaps they should reconsider the decision get married. How are you going to agree on raising a child if you cannot agree on what flavor of cake you want?

2) Learning to Make Compromises

It is a myth that women are the only ones who think about their wedding. Many men also have opinions about what they want on the big day, and not just what type of beer is on tap.

With that said, neither the man nor woman gets to make all of the decisions. There will come a time when one person will have to concede. But don’t just give in: make a compromise. Maybe the bride-to-be really wants a vegan buffet, but the groom’s family are meat eaters. Agree to serve vegan appetizers, but offer prime rib as an entrée.

3) Go on Dates

The biggest mistake that couples, or one person in the couple, can make is getting too focused on the wedding to the point that everything else is diminished. If you sense that tunnel vision has set in, you may want to take a step back from decorating, finding the wedding venue, and organizing the caterers.

Going out for a dinner, movie, sporting event, or other activity is a great way to reduce stress. We recommend engaging in these activities once a week, but remember: do not bring up the wedding! This will relieve tension and force your mind onto other topics.

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