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10 Ways to Customize Your Entire Wedding

Although there are hundreds and hundreds of tips, ideas, and cool ideas on Pinterest for weddings, it is important to not get too caught up in what’s trendy and interesting for the moment. Those are the things that other people are thinking about too and may be incorporating in their wedding, in an effort to be “unique.” However, something done a million times over in one season is not going to be unique. The key to making your wedding special and personalized is to incorporate custom touches that no one else will have.

Invitation Suites

When thinking about how you want your invitations and other paper components to look, consider the overall style, formality, and atmosphere you want to represent at your wedding. And don’t forget about the elements in your life that make you, you. Incorporate images of your favorite flowers on your invite, your childhood home, the church or other venue location where you’ll be getting married, or even your beloved pet. These images will be so fitting for your special day and your guests will gush over the thoughtful touches.

custom invites

Lounge Accessories

Lounge areas are a popular component of many weddings nowadays, and to make yours stand out, rent cool, vintage furniture and add comfort by decorating the pieces with monogrammed pillows. Find a seamstress or maker on Etsy to embroider your initials or wedding date on lush pillows that you can bring home after the wedding for your new love nest.

Personal Menu

The dinner menu is a fun place to add some personal touches and is a great way to incorporate food you love and that may be traditional to your culture. If you and your fiancé have a few favorite dishes that you love to cook together or you enjoy at a favorite restaurant, incorporate them into your menu.

Cocktail Napkins

Have cocktail napkins designed with personal touches that go beyond including your initials, and represent all of the special dates and moments from your relationship, like when you first met, your first date, your first kiss, and when you said “Yes!”

cocktail napkin

Bring in Your Interests and Hobbies

Everyone is different and has unique qualities that make them special. Celebrate those at your wedding and incorporate personal touches that represent your personalities, hobbies, and interests like a destination sign of all the places you have traveled to with your partner or family. And continuing with the travel theme, place elegant luggage pieces around as side tables beside the lounge areas as a unique way to represent a love in your life.

Brand Yourself

One surefire way to incorporate yourself into your wedding is to have a logo created and have it placed in dramatic ways like a large sign above the bar or sweetheart table, and snuck in more subtle ways like napkins, favors, drink signs, and shown onto the dance floor.

Drunk in Love

Come up with a few custom cocktails and fun names to serve to guests at the bar. Instead of just going with “Blushing Bride,” try coming up with names that are personal to you, such as nicknames, pet’s names, and favorite locations. Don’t forget to include the drink names and ingredients on a cute sign on the bar.

Floor to Ceiling Décor

As you plan the décor for your reception, don’t just look at the tables and lighting but look down as well. Consider renting a unique dance floor that isn’t the typical wooden platform and may be designed in a sleek color, fun pattern, and allow you to lay down a custom sticker.

custom dance floor

Cake Toppers

If you’re going with the tradition of having a cake topper but don’t want the typical bride and groom, have one created just for you that looks like you and your fiancé! Toppers can be designed to feature your unique physical traits, in a favorite or representative outfit, and in a fun pose.

Party Favors

It’s always fun to leave your guests with something that will remind them of your special day. Customize your wedding favors with something that is meaningful to you, like a custom essential oil blend of the flowers used at your wedding, or an engraved USB drive that has your favorite music or video clips of you and your fiancé.

Finally, for a reception venue that is customizable and personalized for your special day by experienced design professionals, contact the De Luxe Banquet Hall.

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