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24 Gorgeous Wedding Hair Accessory Inspirations

When it comes to wedding hair accessory options, it can seem like there’s an endless list of choices. From wreaths to ribbons to wraps to roses, there’s just so much! Here’s a gallery guide to help you navigate through the wide selection of wedding hair accessories.

flowers-woven-in-formal-hairstyleFormal Flowers

Sweet and girly, flowers woven into a formal style is always beautiful. One of the most popular wedding hair accessories of all time, this one’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

large-white-flower-in-red-hairSingle Flower

The classic “one flower over the ear” style is classic for a reason—it’s beautiful, sweet, feminine, and simple. It can also be worn with hair up or down, and is perfect for a no-fuss bride.


Ribbons can create a soft, very feminine appeal to complete your bridal look. Ribbons are seeing some popularity these days thanks to Bridal Fashion Week 2017.


Usually made with feathers, flowers, or beads, fascinators have been popular with brides for years. Their name comes from Latin and means “to bewitch”. Exactly!


The traditional wedding hair barrette is both beautiful and it serves a practical purpose by keeping your hair in place throughout your big day. Barrettes can be placed nearly anywhere and can accommodate almost any hairstyle.

floral-wreath-for-hairFloral Wreaths

A bohemian favorite, floral wreaths are absolutely beautiful and add an extra glow to any bride. They’re sweet, colorful, and they smell wonderful! Floral wreaths can be casual or formal, depending on your choice of flowers.


Clips are simple yet  elegant, and can match the theme of your wedding—stars for a beachside ceremony, hearts for a church, leaves for an outdoor wedding, and so on. Some brides even get clips in the shape of their new initials.


Wedding hair pins are delicate, sweet, and versatile. They can be placed anywhere in an up-do to accentuate it (and keep it in place!). Pins can also compliment your dress and add some extra glitz and sparkle to your wedding hair.

blake-lively-grecian-hairGrecian Styles

Exotic and unique, Greek wedding hair styles and accessories are their own niche, with dozens of options to choose from, for both up-dos and loose styles.


Wedding hair halos are subtle and sweet, and require little maintenance. They add a delicate touch to any up or down hairstyle, and they evoke femininity and purity.

kim-kardashian-wedding-headbandForehead Headbands

Made wildly popular by Kim Kardashian, forehead headbands are unique and exotic. They come in their own different styles, from simple to elaborate to match any dress style.

wedding-headbandClassic Headbands

The traditional wedding headband will never go out of style. A favorite that can be worn with hair up or down, this accessory adds a sweet touch to any bride’s hair.

hair-vine-for-weddingHair Vines

Very princess-like, hair vines are becoming more and more popular for wedding hair styles. Trailing beautifully along both up-dos and loose styles, some brides drape it everywhere, and others keep the vines to one “spot”.

white-flower-crownFlower Crown

They’re not just for Coachella, ladies. Flower crowns have been a very trendy wedding hair accessory for the last few years, thanks to Lana del Rey and yes, Coachella probably. A flower crown will make a bride look like a boho queen.

wedding-statement-headbandStatement Bands

Want your wedding headband to have a little extra zing? Statement headbands tend to look particularly good with simple dresses, and can be custom-made to match other accessories.

floral-crown-for-weddingPrincess Florals

Seldom seen but stunningly pretty, princess florals are a wedding hair accessory for free spirits who are wild at heart. They are delicate, unique, and angelic—just like every bride should be!

antique-wedding-hairstylesAntique Styles

From Juliet caps to hippie scarves to 1920s styles like this, there are plenty of antique styles for heads wraps to choose from that are truly beautiful. This look adds an element of timelessness to a bridal look.

floral-headbandFlower Bands

Flower headbands are so sweet and feminine. Flowers can be chosen to match and compliment your dress, and it’s an area where you can get creative. They also frame your face beautifully.


Wedding hair combs have been a favorite for decades. Perfect for up-dos, wedding combs can also be worn with hair down—just use lots of hairspray and bobby pins if your hair is thinner.


Every bride is a princess on her wedding day, and some brides choose to exemplify that with a sparkly tiara or crown. Great for up or down hairstyles, this is a lovely choice.

wedding-hair-coutureCouture Pieces

If you’re a fashion-forward risk-taker and you feel like being bold on your wedding day, a haute couture piece may be perfect for you! Some brides even design their own.

unique-wedding-hair-accessoryMix It Up

Sometimes it’s so hard to choose just one hair accessory that brides mix a few together, like this pretty mixture of ribbons, florals, and pins. Just be careful not to overdo it!


All the rage in the 1940s and 1950s, wedding hats are timelessly chic. They are common at British weddings, and are becoming trendy in the U.S. now as well. So cute!


A classic veil will always be a wedding day favorite, and with literally hundreds of styles to choose from, you’re sure to find one that compliments your dress beautifully.


Hopefully this gallery gives you some great ideas for your own wedding hair. If you’d like similar inspiration for your wedding venue, take a quick tour of De Luxe Banquet Hall. As one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Los Angeles, we are always happy to host weddings at our beautiful place! Contact us if you’re interested in our pricing and availability.

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