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What Are The Most Popular Wedding Catering Trends?

What wedding catering trends are taking center stage in 2017? The common theme seems to be matching. Matching the couple to the food; matching the location to the food, and matching drinks with food. Here are the biggest trends we’re seeing in wedding catering this year.

A Variety Of Pairings

For cocktail hour (or cocktail receptions), a wedding catering trend that’s begun taking off is to offer guests not just champagne or a few classic cocktails, but rather a variety of mini-pairings. This can include margaritas with salsa, wine and pasta, mimosas and pastry, or craft beer and gourmet doughnuts. This trend is gaining momentum because it offers guests more options, and it’s so much more interesting than the simple wine-and-cheese route.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Catering Trends?

Go Local

Wherever you decide to get married, ask your wedding caterer about what foods will be in season for your wedding day, and what the local specialty is. Consider having this for your wedding meal. Why? Because when the local food specialty is at its peak, you’ll see why the area became known for it.

What Are The Most Popular Wedding Catering Trends?

Customized Menus

Your wedding day is (hopefully) all about you as a couple—so shouldn’t your wedding catering reflect you as much as possible? This can mean a few things. For one, the wedding catering you choose can represent your culture. And if you and your fiancée are from different countries, it can be fun to mix the two for some unique cuisine options (like Mediterranean and Italian)! Or, perhaps you and your fiancée want the wedding catering to reflect where you first met or fell in love—for example, if you met in New Orleans, the catering could be jambalaya, soufflé potatoes, shrimp remoulade, and beignets. Or you could simply choose to have your wedding catering be your favorite type of food. Think of your old favorites, and consider having that on your wedding day. Shouldn’t everything be your favorite on your wedding day? A good wedding caterer should offer customizable menus for the bride and groom—especially since more and more couples are requesting it.

Wedding Catering - Customized Catering

His-And-Her Cocktails

An old tradition that’s come roaring back, serving his-and-her drinks to guests is timeless and sophisticated. The bride and groom select their cocktails, and those (along with wine and beer) are the only cocktails that wedding guests are offered. This is a popular choice for couples because it cuts down on the liquor budget, since they will only need to purchase what’s used in the two cocktails. Some couples are even taking it a step further and creating a singular “signature cocktail” with their new last name. This is the same concept, only with one cocktail instead of two.his-and-her-signature-cocktails

Late-Night Catering

All that dancing is going to make your guests hungry—again! Anyone who’s ever stayed late at a wedding reception knows that people start getting peckish the later it gets. Lots of couples are now arranging for their favorite food truck to swing by the reception, but this can get expensive. There are other options to feed your hungry loved ones, including grilled cheese dippers, soup shooters, or a pizza bar.

Wedding Catering - Food Truck

Your wedding day’s customization shouldn’t end with the dress and flowers. Everything should reflect you on your big day—including the wedding catering! When it comes to what you’ll eat on the most important day of your life, it should be a menu that you’re head over heels in love with. At De Luxe Banquet Hall, our catering specialists work with you to create a menu that reflects who you are. We also proudly offer one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Los Angeles. Take a look at our photo gallery and everything else we have to offer, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


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