Using Twitter to Plan Your Wedding

Twitter BirdWedding planning is both exhilarating and exhausting. It is fun and frustrating. Rewarding and arduous.

You will get to experience the joys of designing your perfect wedding ceremony and reception, followed by the tedium of making the choices that make that dream a reality.

Some people crack under this pressure (we call them “Bridezillas” or say they have cold feet), but most couples use the planning period as a way to prove that their love can overcome all obstacles. Whichever camp you fall into, there is no doubt that your wedding will be a lovely occasion that you will remember for all time.

But, if you are the kind of person whose mind goes blank when forced to decide between lavender or orchid place-settings, you’re in luck! With the advent of social media, and Twitter in particular, you can now outsource some of the decisions to your closest friends and family, making your job much easier. Here’s how:

Hashtag1) Hashtag the wedding

In order to get everyone in the bridal party communicating together, select a hashtag so that you can share your tweets between the select few that have been chosen to assist in decision-making. Use something like #smithfamwedplan to start new conversations, such as which appetizer is preferred or which family members need assistance getting to the wedding venue.

2) Link to different choices for voting

By using the internet, which is easier than ever to access via smart phones and tablets, you can link directly to the options you are choosing between. This can be especially useful for the bride when she trying to help her bridesmaids select their gowns. You can narrow the choices down to a top 3 or 5, and then link to each bridesmaid gown on Twitter, so your favorite women can have a discussion and vote on their favorite dress.

3) Follow popular wedding planner on Twitter

There are hundreds, if not thousands, or wedding planners on Twitter who offer very valuable resources for couples looking for inspiration. You can get daily tips, recommendations, trends, and more, in 140 characters or less! Follow a bunch of planners, then slowly start deleting the ones you don’t like, leaving you with the best styles and personalities for your Big Day.