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3 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Decorations

3 Ways to Save Money on Wedding DecorationsThe cost of planning a wedding adds up quickly. You have to buy rings, a dress, catering, cake, venue rental, and pay the florist. Before long, you have exceeded your budget with more work to be done.

Luckily, there are ways to save money here and there. De Luxe Banquet Halls in Los Angeles offers tips to help you reign in the spending and get the wedding back on track.

This week, we have a few cheap decorating tips that sacrifice spending, but not elegance.

1) Use Projectors

We allow a lot of ingenuity when decorating our wedding venue, but there are still restrictions. For example, we really don’t want you painting our walls. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen.

But there is a viable alternative: projectors. We offer our clients the use of our projectors for business meetings and presentations, but they can be used for your reception.

Collect pictures of the happy couple and create a slide show to repeat on the walls. Or find a pattern that matches your theme and use it as a pseudo paint job. You can reduce your floral budget by using projections of beautiful bouquets.

2) Go for Sentimental over Lavish Centerpieces

Rather than elaborate floral displays with crystal vases or marble statuettes, pick something sentimental and inexpensive.

Personal photos, such as first dates or childhood pictures, will cause lots of “oo’s” and “ah’s” from guests.

Fruit displays also make fine centerpieces, as well as being cheaper, sweet smelling, and delicious to eat.

3) Cut Back on the Floral Budget

Flowers are often among the most expensive decorating items. Every bride wants bouquets, but there are ways to save some cash.

Firstly, you can buy cheaper flowers. Peonies are often 5 times as expensive as roses.

Secondly, choose flowers that are in season. They cost less because they do not need to be shipped in or preserved in a delicate environment.

Lastly, recycle the flowers from your ceremony to your reception. After the wedding, while guests are in the foyer or lobby waiting enjoying cocktails, have your design team take the flowers from your ceremony and arrange them in the banquet hall. Nobody will know!

With a little creativity, you can reduce your spending while making your wedding personal and unique.

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