Los Angeles Wedding Guide: Catering your Wedding with…Food Trucks?

While it’s quite common for brides to incorporate some local color into their wedding, most would probably slap their husbands-to-be if they actually suggested catering their big day with a food truck. But the novelty might actually be a big hit at Los Angeles wedding venues in a city that’s come to embrace the cuisine-on-wheels trend with arms open wider than most other areas of the country.

After doing a little research, it’s evident that this is NOT by any means a new idea—looking at most of LA’s popular food truck Twitter feeds and websites, almost all of them advertise catering service and most advertise catering services specific to weddings.

While a greasy grilled cheese from a large yellow-painted gas-guzzler may not sound like typical wedding fare, it actually might go over better than you’d think. If you’re planning on inviting guests to your Los Angeles wedding, there may be a few ways to tastefully incorporate the novelty of their favorite mobile eateries without straying too far from traditional wedding catering.

Incorporating Food Trucks in More Traditional Weddings

Most food trucks catering services offer either an on-truck or table presentation catering option. Considering the table presentation catering services of trucks like Coolhaus or Cupcakes a GoGo allows you to create an amazing dessert table that’s both aesthetically beautiful and delicious.

The originality factor and hint of local culture won’t hurt your guest’s impressions or wedding photo potential either. Plus, if you’re hosting your reception at an indoor banquet hall in Los Angeles or a place where actual trucks would be either impractical, gauche or just against local ordinances, table presentation is a way to circumvent those issues.

Late Night Wedding Reception Snacks

While many of LA’s food trucks’ table presentation catering options will work best if you want to keep a traditional atmosphere on your wedding day, (particularly desert trucks), you definitely wouldn’t be the first bride or groom to incorporate full-on truck vending at your wedding reception.

Many weddings have both practically and comically incorporated the use of In ‘n’ Out trucks to serve up snacks outside of their reception. This particularly pleases guests at open-bar weddings, with increased effectiveness as the night progresses.

For something like this, particularly effective at outdoor reception venues or banquet halls that have accessible driveways or outdoor areas where the truck can be stationed, any of LA’s most popular food trucks can be used. Often, a the juxtaposition of the late night-friendly after-bar fare to your 5-star reception course can make for a some very fond memories and some very happy late night guests.

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