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3 Ways to Make Your Reception Kid-Friendly

kid freidnly receptionUnless you are planning an adult only reception, the likelihood is good that you will have at least a few kids attending your wedding. They may be a part of your wedding as your ring bearer or flower girl, or they may be the children of your wedding guests. Either way, it’s a good idea to consider some kid-friendly elements for your reception. Keep in mind, if the children at your reception are taken care of and entertained, then their parents will want to stay longer and help you celebrate as a result.

Kid Food

The one thing that will cause your guests with kids to leave quickly is a hungry child. Your plan may be to have a beautiful, elegant meal, but chances are good that the kids in the crowd aren’t going to be as excited about your menu choice. Make sure that you include some kid-friendly foods in your dinner menu. Not sure what to include? Foods like buttered noodles, macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders, and French fries are always popular with kids.

Every kid loves cake, but kids love cupcakes even more. They are just the right size for little hands and don’t require a fork. Instead of serving just cake, consider a few cupcakes for the kids. If you want to take cupcakes to the next level, have a cupcake decorating station, where kids can add sprinkles, candy, extra frosting, and other fun decorations to their cupcakes. Not only will they love their dessert, but it will provide a little kid-friendly entertainment, too.

Kid Favors

The kids at your reception are probably not going to be totally excited about the favors that you give to your guests unless, of course, they happen to be bags of sweets. Consider making a few kid-friendly favors so that your small guests know that you appreciate them helping you celebrate. They can be as simple as small bags of candies, a box of cookies, or a small toy or game. If you are planning a seating chart, instead of using the same place card for the kids, as you have for their parents, replace their card with a small coloring or activity book and some crayons. This way, they have something to entertain them, and their parents can enjoy talking with the other adults at their table.

Kid Fun

Children generally need to be well entertained if they are going to be happy, especially if the event is more adult focused than kid focused. You may want to consider setting up some kid-friendly activities at your reception to give kids an option other than taking over the dance floor. A really easy way to include kid-friendly activities is to set up a game and activity station. Put out fun kids games, coloring books, crayons and a simple craft. Kids will be able to sit and play or create, while their parents enjoy the company of the other guests. Many couples have taken to hiring a babysitter or kid’s concierge to help with entertaining kids at their wedding. This person is responsible for putting together activities and helping entertain the kids with fun games. If all else fails, and you are in a hurry to find a good way to entertain the kids at your wedding, find a corner of your venue where you can set up a TV and DVD player

Kids can be a fun part of your wedding day. If you want them to have as much fun as the rest of your guests, take some time to include them in your plans. They will be excited to celebrate with you at your reception, and their parents will be even more excited to have help with keeping them entertained.

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