Uninterrupted Business Conferences

businesswomanoncellphone-41396419You’re at a business conference and everyone’s closely listening to the key note speaker talking about how to be successful and his voice is the only thing you hear, then some ones cell phone goes off and it’s a chaos of people’s face expressions. The attendees are looking around to see whose cell phone went off and the speaker is annoyed because he lost his audiences attention, while losing his train of thought at the same time. The person whose cell phone goes off in that uncomfortable state either acts like it’s not his cell phone or leaves the room abruptly. At times like these you wish that cell phones didn’t even exist because they are interruptions of people trying to listen to a speech or ceremony. What’s the right way to keep interruptions from happening you ask? Many venues and people hosting business functions are taking a stance on the “no cell phones rule”.

Nowadays, before a business conference or business luncheon begins, the host asks the audience to turn off their cell phones before the start, but to no avail most of the time. You have probably experienced the cell phone ringing burst more than once at any function or meeting, whether it be for business or a social function. Most business conferences and seminars are informational or educational and the cell phone disturbances become annoying for the audience members who are trying to concentrate. Business event planners that are fed up by surprising cell phone ring outbursts are asking attendees to leave their cell phones in the car before they get to the function. Is this going too far? Personally, since I have been one to practice cell phone etiquette; leaving my cell phone in the car is going to the extreme. Also, asking people to leave their cell phones in their cars would be hard to monitor and how would they monitor which people are actually following the rule. If the business event planners are monitoring their attendees carefully as they enter the function, perhaps they check the attendees’ cell phones to make sure that their phones are off- just a food for thought.