Try Fun Baby Shower Games at DeLuxe Banquet Hall!


I love baby showers! Everything about them is exciting; anticipating the arrival of the newborn, celebrating the soon-to-be mommy, giving gifts, enjoying a brunch or lunch together, and the integration of multiple generations with the common bond of motherhood.

But my absolute favorite part is playing the baby shower games!

There are so many classic games to choose from and thousands of new ones to be explored on the internet. The baby shower is fun without the games, but they allow interaction between guests and keep the atmosphere light and jovial.

If you’re throwing a baby shower at De Luxe Banquet Halls in Los Angeles, check out these fun ideas for games that everyone will love.

1) Baby Clothes Memorization: This game is easy. As part of the decorations at your baby shower venue, hang a clothes line with baby garments pinned to it; booties, shirt, dress, mittens, etc. At some point, discretely take down the line and then have the guests try to write down the items on the line in order, from memory. The person who is closest, wins.

2) Never Say “Baby”: For a difficult challenge, inform your guests that the word “baby” is off-limits. Give each person a token and whenever they say the word, they forfeit the token to the person who calls them out. At the end of the party, the guest with the most tokens wins a prize!

3) Identify the Baby: Have each guest bring one of their baby pictures and attach them to a bulletin board. Everybody guesses which picture belongs to which guest (and picks the cutest baby).

4) Poopy Diaper Game: Melt different chocolate bars into 10 separate diapers and pass them around to be smelled. The guest who accurately guesses the most candy bars wins.

5) Baby Obstacle Course: Divide people into two teams and have them go through the obstacle course, which includes a stroller push, diaper changing station, and dressing a baby doll.

6) Baby Food Blind Taste Test: Have guests identify the baby food type without seeing the label. Person who guesses the most correctly wins.