Throw Amazing Baby Showers!

Is your friend having her first baby? And she wants you to throw the baby shower? Wow, that is quite the honor.

Okay, fine… it isn’t quite the same as planning a bachelorette party or bridal shower. Instead of celebrating one last night of single life before marriage, you’ll be celebrating the little life that is soon to enter this world. That doesn’t call for male strippers and naughty party games; it requires baby gifts, party games, and advice giving.

Here are some tips for planning a memorable event your pregnant friend will cherish.

Decorative Cakes

One of the best ways that you can commemorate this event is to get a festive cake design. Guests will marvel at these lovely creations that connect to the impending delivery.

For boys, blue cake frosting is the starting point. Decorate with a theme that relates to your future son or to your own life. Sports, superheroes, and dinosaurs are go-to choices for a young boy, or model the cake after dad’s profession, like an airplane themed cake if he is a pilot.

Pink is the typical color for girls, which immediately lends itself to a princess theme, but animals and cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer are terrific as well.

Another fun idea is to make a diaper cake. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it uses rolled up diapers and arranges them like a layered cake. Then decorate the outside with trinkets, baby clothes, and toys for added fun!

Baby Shower Games!

The games at a baby shower are also important. The arrival of a baby leaves everyone in high spirits, so celebrate the excitement with games like:

1) Guess Mommy’s Belly Size: Each woman cuts a length of string that they think will wrap perfectly around the expectant mother’s tummy and closest fit wins a prize.

2) Baby Categories: The host names a category and all guests have a minute to write down as many items that they can think of that fit. Categories include baby toys, baby food flavors, famous babies, and kid’s TV shows.

3) Complete the nursery Rhyme: Hand out lists of incomplete nursery rhymes and have guests fill in the blank, like “Hickory, dickory, dock, the ____ ran up the clock” or “Peter Piper picked a peck of _______ _________.”

Choosing the Right Location

Do not host the event at the mother’s house. Repeat, DO NOT HOST IT AT THE MOTHER’S HOUSE.

New mothers will have trouble leaving their homes after the baby arrives, do not host their last chance to celebrate at their future site of imprisonment.

While going to your house or a chain restaurant can be fine, we would suggest going all out with Los Angeles banquet halls or the De Luxe Lounge, our smaller, more intimate venue. De Luxe provides the perfect atmosphere, catering, and luxury that will leave mommy even more excited about the impending birth of her bundle of joy.


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