Summer Wedding Tips From De Luxe

Summer is one of the best times for an outdoor wedding! The air is warm, everyone is happy, and spring bloom is in full force! Who wouldn’t want this luxurious natural beauty on her special day?

If you are thinking about planning a summer wedding, here are some tips to help you get started:

Summer Color Schemes

The key to summer color schemes is to go bright! Shifting away from Spring pastels and maintaining your distance from the dark, hard colors of Winter, you get to operate with the loveliest set of colors imaginable.

White is always a favorite (before Labor Day) and some couples choose to do a white theme with light green, purple, or pink trim.  Sticking to two colors, or two with a splash of a third, will keep the color scheme consistent.

Of course, you could always go the other way and have the tone be HOT! These CALIENTE! colors will ramp up the stunning appeal of your summer wedding and knock your guests over the head. Use hot pink, tangerine, and bright yellow to illustrate the theme and add a seasonal flare to your nuptials.

The Spread: Fruits, BBQ, & Picnic

After witnessing firsthand the love and commitment of the bride and groom, the second most important part of a wedding for guests is the cuisine. Summer allows for some unique treats that would seem out of place any other time of year.

To start, have watermelon, honeydew, cherries, strawberries, and other summer fruits arranged on a platter for consumption. These fruits have a wide array of colors and can be as pleasant to look at as to eat.

If you want to really feed into the summer premise (pun intended) have a minor BBQ or picnic theme for the food. Serve barbeque chicken and steak with shish kabobs and baked potatoes. Classy BBQ is actually making a stance as a real form of high-quality cuisine, and even the most conservative families could make it work at a wedding.

You could also do something more subtle, like use red-checkered napkins as miniature picnic blankets with small baskets of goodies as the wedding favor.

All in the Details

The key to throwing a “summer-themed wedding” rather than a “wedding that happens to be in summer” is in the details. Use flowers, foods, and colors that are only appropriate for the summer time. Let the bridesmaids wear open-toed heels. Serve Margaritas and Daiquiris at the bar.

You don’t have to fill the Los Angeles wedding venue’s dance floor with imported sand, but you can throw up some beach umbrellas and hang palm tree beach towels from the walls.

Whatever way you want to go with it, De Luxe Los Angeles Wedding Venue has an amazing staff of decorators, wedding planners, and chefs who can make the dream a reality. Contact us with any questions, ideas, or inspirations.