More Wedding Myths Debunked: Planning a Wedding is Easy!

I’m not sure what excites brides more: actually getting married or planning the wedding.

Sure, getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but how often do you get to plan the biggest event of your life? And everyone has to listen to your crazy inclinations and over-the-top blow ups? That sounds amazing!

Not every woman turns into bridezilla, but most want to control every detail of their big day. This causes temper tantrums, freak outs, and panic attacks when the bride (or groom) realizes that wedding planning isn’t as perfect as it might seem.

Here are some more debunked wedding myths!

1) I don’t need professional help! My friends and family will do the work for free!

This myth is wrong for a number of reasons. First of all, as I covered a few weeks ago, budget weddings are difficult to pull off. You really have to make a choice: go all out or maintain a small budget. Thinking you can save significant money with free labor is misguided.

Also, you need to get your family onboard with this plan before assuming it will work. Do you have a retired mother? An unemployed sister? A friend willing to work for minimum wage? I hope so… otherwise it might be difficult to get enough spare time from your family and friends to properly prepare.

Lastly, wedding planning is hard! You don’t hire an accountant to your plumbing, or vice versa, so why not reserve a specialist for your decorating?

2) Everyone will be accommodating for my special day!

This is somewhat true… your closest friends and family members will be helpful, but professionals will not break their backs to accommodate your insane requests.

For example, many brides and grooms get frustrated when the wedding venue they want is booked when they want it, and then it is more expensive to book a few months later when wedding season is in full gear. That isn’t fair!

Look, weddings are special to those involved, but they are a business as well. Vendors, planners, dress-makers, caterers, and everyone involved want to make the experience unforgettable, but they do need to make money as well. Managing expectations is crucial.

3) Putting up decorations is easy… I can do it myself!

First of all, decorating a banquet hall takes a long time and a lot of effort. Secondly, many locations have limitations to how much work they allow untrained people to perform, to protect their business from lawsuits if someone fell off a ladder and got injured. Lastly, you may find that your decorations don’t look as beautiful as you envisioned, requiring some last minute alterations, where having a professional decorator would save you stress.

Remember, your wedding day can go off perfectly if you account for the time and effort involved. Best of luck!

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