Lavish Wedding Themes For 2014

bridegroomluxuryThe year is almost over and it’s almost that time to ring in a new year…2014! 2013 was full of wedding themes for brides that were full of flowers, lace, feathers, and more. The most inspiring looks and wedding themes for 2013 was vintage. The vintage wedding theme popularity is going to continue into 2014 and wedding planners and enthusiasts believe that it will remain the most popular. The film The Great Gatsby this year will still remain as the most inspirational wedding theme next year. 2014’s wedding themes will have luxury and formality just like the main character of the movie, Gatsby, who threw classic and elegant parties in his grand estate. Brides and grooms are choosing ballroom wedding venues that depict old world and vintage eras that represent the prominent higher classes of older times. Wedding décor will be opulent and bridal gowns will include lace, pearls, feathers, jewels, and brides will even incorporate gloves for the fancy look that compliments their lavish wedding theme and wedding venue. The top wedding bride gown trend will be wearing bridal gowns or wedding dresses that have a special back feature accenting the brides back. Men going along with the formality wedding theme will follow black tie attire, including the bow tie trend, which is coming back. Flowers will also be a big part of next year’s wedding themes. Flowers will be used for bridal headpieces, bouquets, centerpieces, and for wedding cakes. Wedding cakes will incorporate flowers with metallic colors depicting richness. Some couples will go as far as having their cake in a metallic color, like gold, which represents wealth. Wedding themes are continuously being personalized. Brides and grooms are bringing out their own characters and personas through personalization for example using place cards and invitations with classic monograms and detailed classic patterns for table settings and linens also bringing out the lavish wedding theme for 2014. It looks like simple is getting booted out of the wedding world and the wedding theme arena for 2014.  Grandiose weddings and themes will dominate the wedding world next year!