Kim Kardashian and The State of Marriage

Weren’t we all whisked away in the whirlwind romance that was Kim’s Fairytale Wedding? Didn’t you feel like this marriage would last forever, which is 3 years in Hollywood Wedding Time (HWT)?

Ok, fine. Maybe I’m being a little cynical and perhaps nobody actually thought this thing would last, but I like to believe that celebrities and regular people sometimes co-inhabit the same plane of existence, which, in this particular case, is romantic marriage.


Growing up, we are all told stories (probably in the form of movies and television) of princes and princesses, true love, and “happily ever after.” And Hollywood has propagated this magical deception, except when it comes to the actors that portray the characters (and I use the term “actor” VERY loosely with Kim). But still, you would think that at some point Hollywood romances would live up to the hype given to them on the silver screen.

I am faced with two stark contrasts in my views of marriage. Living in Los Angeles, I know that the celebrities I read about in the gossip magazines live a short drive from me. I could be outside their mansions in an “Occupy Beverly Hills” movement within an hour’s notice. They are not fictional characters living in far-off, wondrous places, like in a fairytale. They probably eat at the same In-N-Out that I do.

On the other hand, working for De Luxe, I know that there are plenty of legitimate marriages that last longer than 3 months. I meet couples who are head over heels for each other, not for buckets of cash and instant stardom. My cousin got married at 20 years old, 10 years younger than Kardashian, and is still happily married five years later, despite a lack of endorsement deals and publicity. My parents are going on 30 years being married, the first for both.

While Kim K could sink my heart into a bottomless black hole of despair, I choose to brush it off and focus on the people around me getting engaged and married, friends, clients, and relatives, rather than the ones in movies, magazines, and TV. “Happily ever after” doesn’t have to be a fairytale.

So if the rest of us can manage to make the marriage thing work, without our own television shows, jetliners, and product lines, then maybe Hollywood can too. But if not, I take solace in knowing that real romance does exist, just not in Tinsel Town.

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