How to Hire a DJ for a Wedding Reception

Wedding receptions are my favorite! Everyone has an amazing time; dancing, drinking, partying, and celebrating. There is only one thing that kills the party vibe: under-cooked food. Food poisoning is the worst.

Ok, maybe there is another thing that ruins a wedding reception: a bad DJ. Playing a horrible mix of songs is one thing, but constantly screaming into the microphone, giving out his contact information, and butchering the bride and groom’s names takes the terribleness to new heights.

So it is important to make sure you find a professional Disk Jockey that will keep everyone entertained but also realizes the significance of this event. Here are some tips for how to hire a DJ.

1) Ask for references. However you can get them is fine; friends, online, recently married couples, and even the banquet hall should have some recommendations.

2) Interview the prospective DJs. If they are professional, they should be willing to meet with you and even offer some videos of their performances.

3) Check out his or her music collection and ask what musical genres the DJ prefers. If the DJ usually plays a lot of hip-hop and you are into country, it may not be the best fit. Make sure they take requests and can accommodate special songs, as well. My experience shows that an eclectic mix of music works the best.

4) If you do not have a personal reference, ask the DJ to provide some. You want to ensure that he or she will not go rogue and start playing a techno dance mix while beatboxing.

5) Find out the specific details. Once you have a DJ that you like, clearly outline all of the important issues. Ask questions like:

  • Do you bring your own equipment?
  • Do you have dance lighting and a microphone, or does the banquet hall need to provide those?
  • Will you perform emcee duties as well?
  • Will you be available on the date of the wedding?
  • How much time do you need to set up?

With these questions, you will be able to judge the individual’s level of professionalism. If you like everything they bring to the table (or turntable), you can then talk about payment.

6) Negotiate the fee. Prices can vary based on the time of week, the event, and the length of the wedding reception. The DJ may have a package deal or a discount if you already have equipment. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting, so that no additional charges show up later or the DJ forgets to mention something.

7) Get everything in writing, including the name of an alternate, performance schedule with breaks, cancellation and refund policies, overtime fees, dress code, and food and drink privileges.

Los Angeles Wedding Venue

With the right DJ, your Los Angeles wedding venue will be partying long into the night! If you are using De Luxe Banquet Hall for your wedding reception, ask our friendly staff for DJ references. We have very professional DJs that we’ve worked with before and would gladly recommend!

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