Hosting Corporate Events at Los Angeles Banquet Hall

Normally, De Luxe is booked by newlyweds who are using the space to hold their wedding receptions, as it is one of the finest wedding venues in Los Angeles. But, it is also a fantastic facility for other ceremonies- from birthday parties to anniversaries to family reunions to bar mitzvahs.

But there is one occasion that often gets overlooked when it comes to planning: corporate events. Usually these get crammed into the office break room and involve punch and cake; hardly the memorable party that your employees deserve. To reward your team for a terrific, successful year, throw a Christmas party at De Luxe.

If you really want to spice up your corporate events, host them at this Los Angeles banquet hall!

The Office Awards Ceremony

Although The Office just started a new season without star Steve Carell playing boss Michael Scott, it will always be remembered for his clueless character. One of Scott’s greatest contributions was rewarding his employees with The Dundies, a corporate event where he gives out awards for excellent work.

Why not hold your own award ceremony for your employees? You can give out real awards, like Highest Sales, as well as fun ones, like Best Tie!

And De Luxe Banquet Hall is the perfect place to hold this event. Our staff will make sure to find decorations that meet your theme and the wait staff will serve the guests, so the emcee will not be interrupted during the ceremony.

Banquet Halls in Los Angeles for Corporate Meetings

De Luxe isn’t just great for work parties, it is also a fine establishment for formal corporate events and larger meetings between multiple offices. The Los Angeles banquet hall is big enough to host a wedding reception, so it can certainly hold your office meeting. And our staff is trained at creating an appropriate climate that can ideal for a corporate presentation.

Don’t go to a hotel event room and expect the same quality that you receive at banquet halls in Los Angeles. These locations are often overcrowded and too stuffy, with food that is… less than spectacular. De Luxe chefs will provide excellent catering that will satisfy the whole company.

Conclusion: More Fun!

Don’t waste your office’s time with another boring, unremarkable corporate event. Celebrate in an unforgettable fashion at an amazing location: De Luxe Banquet Hall! You’re sure to have more fun and have a truly rewarding experience.

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