Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is a chance for couples to celebrate their love by giving gifts and spending a romantic evening together.

Although it only comes once a year, there are plenty of times to show your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend how much you love them. Take the opportunity to share your feelings with a big social event at De Luxe Banquet Halls in Los Angeles.


Your anniversary marks the day you got married or started dating, thereby starting a new chapter in your life. Celebrate this momentous occasion by throwing an anniversary party at our banquet halls. You will be able to provide guests with live entertainment, dancing, catered food, and more!

Engagement Parties

Throwing a big wedding is a no-brainer, but engagement parties are beginning to gain popularity as well.

The advantage of an engagement party is that it allows you to announce your plans to your closest friends and family members. If you aren’t expecting to have the wedding for a year- or longer, hosting a party is a nice celebration to begin the engagement period.

Baby Showers

While not traditionally associated with love, having and raising a baby are labors of love. Honor the love that the parents have for each other and towards their child by hosting a baby shower at De Luxe.

May your life be full of love for Valentine’s Day and the remainder of your days.