Fall Wedding Season

Fall wedding season is upon us and few people know that it is the second most popular time of year. Something about golden leaves and crisp evenings make people want to get married.

One of the main draws of tying the knot in autumn is the lovely color schemes that wedding planners use at the banquet halls. Imagine a ballroom decorated in orange, burgundy, mustard yellow, and dark purple; a cornucopia of fall colors. Use a fallen leaf motif to really drive home the imagery.

The spectacular visuals are enough to make a fall wedding reception remind you of coming home for the holidays, but guests also get to enjoy the unique tastes of autumn. In a fall-themed wedding, pumpkin is a must. If you don’t want a pumpkin cake, which is totally reasonable, at least find ways to incorporate it into the menu, such as mini pumpkin pie hors d’oeuvres, sprinkled into the coffee, or as a beer option.

Additionally, consider serving a Thanksgiving-like meal for your guests. You can have buffet or family-style service, guest like Grandma’s house, with turkey, ham, or chicken as the entrée, mashed potatoes and stuffing for sides, and cranberry vinaigrette as the salad. A gourmet chef or catering service should be able to spice up these basic Thanksgiving dishes to make them exquisite cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds.

Now that your  banquet hall is decorated and your menu is set, relax and enjoy dancing long into the breezy, beautiful evening with your new spouse!