Debunking Wedding Myths: Planning

When you are preparing for your wedding, you want everything to go perfectly. This is, frankly, impossible, yet thousands of brides attempt it every year.

It is a noble goal; you only get one chance to throw a wedding reception (hopefully) and you want to make the most of it. But having unrealistic goals will only induce failure, causing stress, anger, and disappointment.

Here are some common wedding myths that you need to remove from your expectations if you want to successfully achieve your dream wedding.

1) The Google images of “wedding flowers” are available at your local florist.

There are so many parts of the above statement that are false; I just don’t know where to begin.

First of all, like every photograph on the internet, these images are most likely doctored with Photoshop or Instagram to enhance brightness and remove flaws. Don’t expect to find the perfect bouquet of flowers.

Secondly, florists have a limited supply and their product has a short shelf life. You can special request a particular breed, but don’t expect the world from them.

Finally, many of the images on Google are from high class affairs, like the Royal Wedding, and are simply out of your price range. If you had an unlimited budget, you could afford some of the rarest flowers in the world, otherwise you should settle for something less expensive, but beautiful nonetheless.

2) I can control the weather!!!

“Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think? It’s like rain on your wedding day.” She may not fully grasp the definition of the word “ironic,” but there is some truth to Alanis Morissette’s song.

You want your wedding to be perfect, but there are factors outside of your control, like the weather. You can take measures to control them, like planning a summer wedding (or living in Los Angeles) but at the end of the day, it is best to accept that curveballs will occur.

3) I can plan this whole wedding and catered reception on a budget.

In a tough economy, you want to save money. If you really want to get married on the cheap, drive out to Vegas!

Realistically, even $5,000 may be too little for a whole wedding. When you start adding everything up- wedding dress, catering, banquet hall rental, photographer, DJ, bartending, floral arrangements, etc.- you will find that even moderate budgets can fall short. There are certainly ways to slash a buck of the bill here and there, but don’t be shocked when your bank account is empty.

Deluxe Banquet Hall will bring you more of these next week, so enjoy your weekend and check back for more debunked wedding myths!