Check Out These Great Websites When Planning Your Big Day

Last week we discussed the ways in which social media is affecting the business of wedding planning. This week, I’d like to point out a few more options that can make planning a snap.


One of the most popular websites on the internet is also one of the best for finding videos for your wedding. You can search up how-to videos that give you step by step demonstrations of making wedding favors or hors d’oeuvres.

There are also great videos of proposals, everything from flash mobs to social events.

The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington’s website collects articles from some of the brightest minds on the internet and features a section devoted to weddings. Everything you could ever want is combined in one easy-to-read section. Along with advice columns, there is also celebrity relationship gossip, photo galleries, and money-saving tips.

Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart is the Queen of creativity. She can take a pinecone, some glitter, loose buttons, grocery bags, and a glue stick and combine them into a magnificent center piece. If you are looking to cut costs or add your own personal touch, check out her website. It’s a good thing.

De Luxe Banquet Hall

We may not have the prestige of those previous websites, but we scour the internet to come up with some of the best ideas for your bid day. Stop by every so often and see what we have up!