Cheap Wedding Ideas: Creative Ways to Reduce Your Budget

Weddings are never cheap, unless you drive over to Vegas and get hitched in a small chapel with your two best friends in attendance. But most of the time, especially for women, you want your wedding day to be one of the most memorable experiences in your life. So without rich parents willing to foot the bill, how do you afford the lavish wedding you deserve?

Well, compromise, for one thing. Making concessions could help you celebrate your perfect day, without living in poverty for the next 5 years. So here are some cheap wedding ideas to get the mental ball rolling.

Wedding Food

Everyone wants their wedding venue to cater their reception because it’s simpler to plan, takes less of your time, and you won’t stress you out on your big day. But, unfortunately, it can also be more expensive.

You can save money by asking your friends and family members to help prepare food, or by cooking it yourself. It may not be as elegant, and it may not be as easy, but it will certainly save you some bucks in the long haul. Hopefully you know someone who is a master chef and can help craft a delicious menu. Your guests won’t even know the difference!


Do it yourself cooking might seem fairly evident for a cheap wedding, but have you ever considered growing your own flowers?

The concept might seem strange, but if you know a year or more in advance, you can begin planting and growing flower beds to use at your wedding.

Floral budgets can add up, so this is a potentially huge saver!

You don’t need to grow every bouquet and table setting, but every flower counts. Combining your own garden along with a professional’s will still help your wedding budget.


It used to be that if you wanted professional quality photographs, you need to hire someone who knew the trade well. Now, everybody in America has a digital camera and can snap a high resolution photo.

Find a friend with some picture-taking skills and a good camera or ask a student in photography classes if they want to make some cash on the side. Besides, the best memories will remain inside your head.

Trim Wedding Costs

The best way to maintain a cheap wedding is to utilize the resources at your disposal. Do not pay for something extraneous when you have friends or family who could do the same for cheap or free. Find ways to trim wedding costs however you can.

Have a friend who makes delicious hors d’oeuvres? Then make him bake!

Aunt Samantha can operate a sowing machine? Have her fit your dress!

Sure, everyone would like to throw a wedding like the Royal prince and Princess, but it just isn’t ideal. So you must compromise.

I mean, having Uncle Frank’s jazz band play at the reception hall still beats a small after-party at a Vegas casino, right?

Los Angeles Wedding Venue

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