Celebrate Prom at De Luxe Banquet Hall

Prom is such a magical time in young person’s life. For Seniors, it marks one of the last times they will get to celebrate together before heading off in separate directions for college, work, starting a family, and the real world. It is a chance to reminisce, but also to anticipate the road ahead. As a school administrator, you need to prepare the event to be the most exciting of their short lives and make it a prom to remember.

Finding the Venue

The first step to making the prom event unforgettable it to pick a venue that will leave a lasting impression on your students. How many dances have you held in the school’s gymnasium or auditorium? About five this year alone? How does that establish a sense of uniqueness?

De Luxe Banquet Halls in Los Angeles is the perfect location for your prom. Our elegant décor makes a great backdrop for photos, our catering provides students with a meal before the festivities begin, and our dance floor will keep everyone dancing long into the evening. Contact us to take a tour, ask questions, request a quote, or reserve a date.

Pick a Theme

Nothing spices up a prom like a theme. Sure, you could do the simple tuxes and prom dresses, but many schools have found additional success in picking a theme for the dance. Classics like King of the Jungle, Under the Sea, and Roaring ‘20s make for an exciting time for all the kids. Themes aren’t required, but can help add a sense of wonderment.

Hire a DJ

Don’t skimp on this day; make sure you actually hire a DJ to spin the tracks. It could be easier and cheaper to set an iPod playlist, but a DJ can respond to requests, set the tone, play off of the crowd, and will be more in touch with current hits.

Plan a Fundraiser

If you can’t afford De Luxe Los Angeles Banquet Halls, you can always plan a fundraiser to earn the money. Students are highly invested in their prom, so it isn’t hard to find volunteers willing to plan and participate in a money raising scheme. That way, everyone will get the perfect night they have dreamed about since entering highs school.


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