Calming Down the Groom Before his Wedding

This groom looks a bit nervous…

You see the signs. Nervous shaking. Pacing back and forth. Constantly checking his watch. Staring at the door while making sure his shoes are laced up tight.

Yup… this groom is gonna make a run for it.

Now, it is your job as the best man or one of the groomsmen to make sure this doesn’t happen. Tons of grooms get cold feet on the day of their wedding, but it is important that this emotion not get acted upon. So here are some tips to calm down the groom and let the wedding proceed as planned.

Remind him why he is getting married

Unless, you are in Las Vegas, the wedding has been planned for quite some time. That means there have been at least a few weeks, and most likely months, for the groom to change his mind and call off the engagement. And yet, he hasn’t.

This must mean that there is a substantial reason why he is getting married, specifically to his future wife. Get him to think about all of the reasons he fell in love with __________ (enter bride’s name here) and all of the reasons why they will continue to love each other. They made this commitment and now your buddy needs to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Get him relaxed

Cold feet are not a symptom of doubt; they are a symptom of nerves. Helping alleviate the panic attack will make it easier to reach the groom’s sense of reason.

First of all, plan events that will keep his mind off of the ceremony to start the day. Go golfing, or drive go-carts, or play video games; whatever keeps you guys loose.

If a panic attack does occur, first sit him down and make him focus on breathing. This steady, repeated action will get his body to relax. Should this measure fail, try drinking a beer or taking a few shots of liquor. Nothing calms the nerves like alcohol, which the wedding venue should be able to provide.

Keep any negative opinions to yourself

This can be a tough one. Sometimes, you might hate the gal your best bud is about to marry. Unfortunately, you need to shut up and keep your opinions to yourself. This means lying and concealing your true feelings.

Unless there is a truly legitimate reason why these two should not get married, you need to respect the groom’s original intentions and recognize that a panic attack does not mean that they are unfit to be wedded. So swallow your words and start talking sweetly about the bride.

Hope these tips help and the wedding and reception go off without a problem!