2017 Wedding Trends to Keep and Ditch

david tutera deluxe banquet hallWeddings are one of the trendiest subjects we hear about and see on our social media feeds every day. There’s always something new and exciting, and more unique than the previous year’s celebrations. To stay on top of trends and avoid being late to the party, you need to get in the know ahead of the game if you’re getting married in 2017. Here are the top trends for next year’s weddings, according to wedding planner superstar, David Tutera. Read his recommendations on what to incorporate into your wedding, and what to avoid.

Keep it Simple and Don’t Have an After Party

When it comes to your wedding, David Tutera suggests that it’s better not to try and cram multiple events and features into your special day. An after party may sound like a lot of fun, but it can take away from the experience at the reception if people are leaving and moving to another location to start the next best thing. Brides in 2017 should stay in one venue location and focus on keeping the energy escalating and flowing. You can provide the illusion of separate events happening like opening up a different bar or lounge area, a dessert station, or a late-night snack foods bar. Surprise your guests with these elements if that’s what you want to do, and focus on making the most of the time you have at your wedding.

Shiny Metals Out; Brushed Metallics In

The trendiest color combo in 2017 is forecasted to be a mixture of softer brushed metallic and bright whites. The look is contemporary city chic, but also classic and very elegant, making it a perfect palate for many different wedding styles.

Make “Us” Time a Priority

As a bride-to-be, you have probably been told the importance of making sure you talk to your great aunt Marge and all of your cousins that you barely see at your wedding. And while it is important that you get around to speak with and thank all of your guests, especially the ones who’ve flown in from out of town for your special day, it is more important to make sure you don’t get caught up in all of the conversations. Everyone will want to hug you and give you a big “congrats,” but you need to make it a priority to remain connected to your new spouse throughout the wedding celebration. Make a pact with your fiancé before the wedding that you won’t get separated by groups of friends and family and will stay together to enjoy your very special day.

Pretty Paper

One trending element that Tutera claims will be a part of many weddings in 2017 is the use of paper for unique touches. Paper can be used in all sorts of creative and elegant ways, from being incorporated into floral bouquets, in the décor, on walls as large-scale three-dimensional murals, or as simply a way to preserve wedding memories. It is economical and can provide brides with a truly one-of-a-kind element that you won’t see at many other weddings.

Skip the Receiving Line

Receiving lines are a traditional way for guests to speak to and give congratulations to the bride, groom, bride’s parents, groom’s parents, and possibly the wedding party. Receiving lines are a good way to get the chance to see and thank every guest at your wedding, but Tutera’s opinion is that they tend to create a large barrier of etiquette and that they are too formal. Tutera suggests greeting guests at the cocktail hour and throughout the evening.

Consider Doing a First Look

More traditional brides who love the idea of seeing their groom for the first time while walking down the aisle may not like this idea, but doing a “first look” is becoming a more popular option among couples and more recommended by wedding planners. Tutera says that first looks are very personal and heartfelt, and they give the couple some time alone to just be present in each other’s company.

However you picture your wedding in 2017, take what you want from this list about the must-have and must-go trends, and create a wedding that speaks to you and your groom and that will surely wow your guests.

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