2012 in Review: 5 Favorite Blogs from the Previous Year

Happy New Years!

2012 was an excellent one for De Luxe Banquet. We continued to expand our operations with our sister establishments De Luxe Lounge and Olivia Restaurant. Together, our three locations offer guests an array of options for  corporate and social events.

While our focus is to move forward in 2013 by expanding our client base, it is also helpful to review our work in 2012. Take a look at our 5 favorite blogs from the previous year; they should be helpful for upcoming event planning.

1) Summer Wedding Tips From De Luxe

Summer is the most popular wedding season. If you are planning a summer ceremony in 2013, review these tips on color schemes, food, and more.

2) Honor Your Parents with Surprise Anniversary Celebrations

Looking for the perfect gift to give your parents for a big anniversary? We suggest throwing a surprise party, with tips on how to pull it off without ruining the surprise.

3) Wedding Faux Pas to Avoid at the Reception Hall

Don’t be “that guy” at the next wedding you attend. We offer tips to keep you on your best behavior and avoid embarrassment, such as getting too drunk or dressing inappropriately.

4) More Wedding Myths Debunked: Planning a Wedding is Easy!

Wedding myths lead brides and grooms to believe something false about the planning process. In this case, some people get so excited thinking about their wedding that they believe planning it will be easy. This is not true. Read more to find out exactly what you can expect.

5) Calming Down the Groom Before his Wedding

Not to say that all men are afraid of commitment, but some do get cold feet right before the ceremony. These tips will keep the groom relaxed and focused on his big day.